Sears Allstate Compact Scooter Made By Puch

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scooter insurance Back when people bought everything from the Sears catalog, you could even order yourself a scooter. This Sears Allstate scooter was made by Puch and sold for $279. The Allstate Compact Scooter makes 3.9 horsepower, goes 42 mph and gets 100 miles per gallon. It has a 2-stroke engine and 3 speed transmission. Ths Particular Allstate Compact Scooter was resored by Dave Perewitz for Allstate Insurance to use at motorcycle shows.

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9 Responses to “Sears Allstate Compact Scooter Made By Puch”

  1. hoohoohoblin Says:

    Cool. I’ll give …
    Cool. I’ll give you 50 bucks for it.

  2. tommarquardt Says:

    I have one of …
    I have one of these in my garage.

  3. zanuha Says:

    The cooling system …
    The cooling system has been removed.

  4. barkulator Says:

    I had one of these …
    I had one of these as a 12 yr old. Put 2000 miles on it in the woods.

  5. hoohoohoblin Says:

    I expect it cost a …
    I expect it cost a lot. It was done by Dave Periwitz, who is a famous chopper builder. Allstate Insurance Company paid him to do it so they could show it off in their insurance booth. I would guess that if you have a proper frame-up restoration on any bike, it costs a lot more than the bike is worth. Sometimes it is worth it though.

  6. 24xedgex Says:

    about how much did …
    about how much did this cost to restore. i own one kinda in bad shape and looking to restore it. just looking for an idea

  7. hoohoohoblin Says:

    This may be your …
    This may be your scooter, resurrected. They did an amazing job making it look like new.

  8. Telescopemaker Says:

    I put a lot of …
    I put a lot of miles on one of these, opened up the ports on the engine to get more power… yes, I had a ball back in late 60s. I have no idea whatever became of it.

  9. dtmbcorp Says:

    Very classy wheels …
    Very classy wheels. Bet they’re hard to keep clean!

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